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Intermittent issue with Sony Bravia KD49XE9005 - video crashing Plex player

I have a couple of issues with Plex player on my Sony TV - I have a particular movie which won't start and crashes the app, and occasionally when I start a TV show or another movie it will start for about a split second and either return to the media menu (if a movie) or jump to the next TV show. In this scenario if I go back to the movie or TV show it then plays fine.

I can't reproduce any of these issues on any of my other Plex players (iOS, MacOS) - everything works without issue, even the problem movie which crashes Plex on my TV. Is this an Android issue or something wrong with my TV or the Plex App.

The version of Plex player on my telly is (334c1e28). I haven't messed around with the default settings.

My Plex server is on a QNAP TVS-473e 8GB, everything is connected by wire.

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers.


  • vestan_pancevestan_pance Posts: 78Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Coincidentally there is also a problem on the TV with the HueyModule, which is as a dnla app and part of the TVs Android OS. Looking at the Sony forums this seems to be a common issue in some Sony TVs, where the app stops and you have to reset the TV as a workaround to fix.

    When the HueyModule fails the Plex app on the TV is totally unresponsive.

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