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Is there a fix for the Shaka3015 (media) and Shaka3016 error codes? Movies no longer play on my PC.

Bonofied SuiterBonofied Suiter Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass

Windows 8 movies start but glitch out and I get a shaka3016 error code.


  • Bonofied SuiterBonofied Suiter Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass

    Over the last few weeks movies no longer play on my PC. Everything seems to work fine on the Samsung TV. The video starts stutters a bit then stops with "An error occurred while trying to play "movie name"
    shaka3016 (Media)

    I'm not finding any help in the troubleshooting area of Plex and also not finding any fixes on the discussion groups although I'm not the only user experiencing these problems.

    Please help.

  • gboutingboutin Members Posts: 18 ✭✭

    I just went through this problem and found that there are fixes in the works that solve my shaka error problems, in particular version 3.39.3 of the Plex Web App.

    Read this thread for the full explanation by sa2000..

    The interesting part is to run your player using the updated web version and see if that does fix your issues.

    It's not available yet in a formal Media Server release, but it may get you going in the mean time.


  • WICaRD-MediaWICaRD-Media Members Posts: 2

    I downloaded a new series and after converting the files from mkv to mp4 also changed the audio channel to English, I also got the same error message, I tried playing it on my PC player " GOM Player" and it asked for a new codec so coreaac was downloaded and it played, but still not in PLEX, after a few attempts I reconverted the file using MOVAVI but with audio format "MP3" not AAC and this worked for me. I think that there is a new CODEC the people use and it's not incorporated in PLEX yet. I hope this helps.

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