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Alexa, Roku and Plex

dsmithpdsmithp Members Posts: 2

Here is my setup: My Roku 3 is connected to home theater reciever and I get start a movie and it plays through the Roku via Plex but any songs on my Plex server plays through Alexa. How can I get the songs to play through Roku using voice commands?

Thanks in advance...dsmith

Best Answer


  • nokdimnokdim Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, TunerTester Posts: 1,375 Plex Ninja

    Say Alexa ask Plex to change my player, it should see other players online and select from the list by number.

    One player is selected you can play back on that device instead of the Alexa.

  • dsmithpdsmithp Members Posts: 2

    I tried that: 1) I made sure that I logged out of the web account, 2) told Alexa to change the default player, and it only found the Roku, and 3) the music played from Alexa. What works and what I don't want to do every time is: Alexa, ask Plex to play [insert song here] on Roku.

    If the default player is set already (Roku) by Alexa, shouldn't the music play on Roku without me adding the extra step?

    Thanks, dsmith

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