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Plex Push Notifications using API and Retrieved Authentication Token (X-Plex-Token)

This guy did a neat blog about creating a notification that pops up over what you're watching. Only a year later and all that is gone and replaced with a relatively trivial retrieval of an Authentication Token (X-Plex-Token) requirement before interacting with the API.

So having said all that, I don't suppose the notification popups still work once you've got your new token to work with? I've Googled this without luck, but found reference to this support ticket which i can't access. The support ticket apparently involves people requesting a non-existent notification service (which appears to have already existed according to the blog i already shared... no?). I don't see any reference to notifications on the Plex API Wiki either. :(

My goal is that I'd like to add Plex Notification support to my Apprise plugin.

Any advice, suggestions of feedback would be great!

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