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ps3, menu randomly popping up.

hello, i recently installed plex on my ps3 to stream movies from my pc. tonight exactly, so its all up to date.

everything is working great, except randomly throughout watching a movie the bottom menu pops up for a couple seconds and goes away.

its the menu with the basic controls, ff play rewind etc. it pops up maybe every 5 minutes.

ive tried all i can find to fix it. changing quality to 720p, setting transcoding from automatic to hurt my cpu.

it seems like this is an issue thats been discussed back at least a year.

i see a fix for this issue on a ps4 update. is there not any plans to fix it for the ps3?

i tried plex because on several mkv files using ps3 media server i would get stutter making them unwatchable. the same files play well on plex, and this menu popping up randomly isnt as bad, but its still very annoying. honestly, i dont think i can get use to it. its like im constantly waiting for it to pop up at any moment and it ruins it for me.

if there arent any legit fixes, does it do this same thing on the firestick? considered buying one and officially retiring the ps3, but if its the same nonsense on that client i suppose ill keep searching for a better solution.

i appreciate any help fixing the issue, or even an official "no" we are aware of the probem and have no plans on fixing it for those ps3 users."

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  • highfill.kevin@gmail.comhighfill.kevin@gmail.com Posts: 2Members

    ill follow by saying i sent a message to the fb group and the response wasnt helpful.

    "The on-screen display in the PlayStation app will only appear when the app receives a command from the controller or media remote."

    this happens continuously through the movie. the ps3 remote has shut itself off and is not making any input. this is the only controller paired with the system.

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