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Subtitles won't turn off the first time

MiickerMiicker Members Posts: 3 ✭✭

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have a annoying problem. For some time now (as long as I can remember) I am not able to turn off subtitles the first time I try.
I've set my subtitles to be on by default, this is my desired situation. Sometimes, the wrong subtitles are displayed (this has nothing to do with Plex, but my subtitle manager), in that case, I want to turn off subtitles, so I go to the pause, and in that bar I go to settings > subtitles > off (or none), then the video sometimes restart, or has to buffer again (Why? why do this? When I use kodi without Plex subtitles work sooo much better!), then when the video starts playing again, subtitles are still turned on. I have to go back into the settings, I have to turn subtitles on, so for example select English again. When the video starts again, the subtitles are finally turned off (even tough they are set to on in the settings).

This is the case in every browser I've tried, also in the Windows app. This error occurred in the PS4 app, I switch to Xbox, and in the beginning it also occurred in the app on my Xbox One X, but that stopped, on my Xbox it's now working as it should be. But in my browser it's still an annoying problem.

I'm running the media server on a Synology NAS (in Docker).

Thanks in advance.

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