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In PLEX on Roku I can't play trailers (video quality 720) that are stored locally with the movies

azidarescu@gmail.comazidarescu@gmail.com Posts: 2Members


Hi have a Roku Premiere+ device and I use PLEX (version 5.1 build 1 roku) on it to play my local videos stored on a Netgear ReadyNAS NAS which has Plex server installed.

For any movie that I have on my NAS server I have a local file for the associated trailer, using the correct naming convention (-trailer.ext).

I can play the trailer on various PLEX clients, including web browser, Android, IOS devices.

I also see the trailer icon on the PLEX on Roku and I can select to play the trailer. However if the quality of the trailer file is 720 the file it is not played and I get the following error on a popup window: "Playback error. We could not play the selected video".
If the quality of the trailer is lower (i.e. 480) I can play the trailer, no problem.
Also if I rename the trailer file as a regular movie (remove "-trailer" from the file name) I can play it on PLEX on Roku.

Can someone explain why trailers with the video quality of 720 cant' be played? Is there a configuration issue?

Thank you!


  • GaevonnGaevonn Posts: 9Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited March 8

    I am having the same issue on my Roku 3. Issue seems limited to trailers that were working before the last two Roku updates. I am now at 5.1.3 and it is still happening. It has affected my pre-roll playback too. Is anyone else noticing this? It should go without saying, but my trailers and pre-roll were working fine before the last two Roku updates.

  • GaevonnGaevonn Posts: 9Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Updated to Preview 5.1.4 and still having issues with local media trailers that are 720p and worked when at 5.1.1. I cannot play local trailers when direct play is enabled. I have to uncheck "Direct Play" and force transcode to get them working. as all this worked prior to the last few updates, I assume something has changed in the player. I can play local trailers from Android and Windows clients (no IOS or linux clients), so this seems limited to the Roku. Have you had any luck on this, or heard from Support?

  • azidarescu@gmail.comazidarescu@gmail.com Posts: 2Members

    No, I did not hear back from support. How did you force transcode to get them working?
    Thank you!

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