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Compiling Plex Media Player from source

rolandbirdrolandbird Members, Plex Pass Posts: 36 Plex Pass

Has anyone been able to successfully compile the plexinc/LibreELEC.tv source on Github for a Raspberry Pi2?

I have a Ubuntu 16.04 64bit development server. I have cloned https://github.com/plexinc/LibreELEC.tv to local directory and initially followed the instructions in the PlexBuild.md file. I switched to Libreexlec-8.2.2-plex branch.

But that didn't work. I subsequently installed a number of additional packages and now it begins to compile, but it still fails part way through. The point where it's failing now is around building the mediacenter components. It complains about no package.mk file.

INSTALL heimdal (host)
INSTALL Python (target)
INSTALL sqlite (target)
INSTALL libaio (target)
Python2: no package.mk file found
Makefile:12: recipe for target 'image' failed
make: *** [image] Error 1

I'm now trying to compile a generic version and the dist-master branch (updated 7 days ago).

Any help would be appreciated.



  • stedanielsstedaniels Members, Plex Pass Posts: 72 Plex Pass
    edited March 14

    How did you get on?
    I'm currently compiling the dist-master branch using:
    DISTRO=PlexMediaPlayer PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm PMP_REPO=plex-media-player PMP_BRANCH=master make image
    It's on my home server so I'll check on its progress at lunch.

    Edit: PROJECT=RPi2 I'd forgotten the 2! So had to restart the build at lunch! It's currently building Chromium bits and bobs.

  • jrelaxjrelax Members, Plex Pass Posts: 6 Plex Pass
    edited March 30

    I am also getting stuck in the same python2 error with no idea how to fix it.

    re@ubuntu:~/git/LibreELEC.tv$DISTRO=PlexMediaPlayer PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 PMP_REPO=plex-media-player PMP_BRANCH=master make image
          INSTALL    xf86-video-ati (target)
          INSTALL    xf86-video-amdgpu (target)
          INSTALL    xf86-video-intel (target)
          INSTALL    xf86-video-nvidia (target)
          INSTALL    xf86-video-nvidia-legacy (target)
    Python2: no package.mk file found
    Makefile:12: recipe for target 'image' failed
    make: *** [image] Error 1
    re@ubuntu:~/git/LibreELEC.tv$ lsb_release -a
    No LSB modules are available.
    Distributor ID: Ubuntu
    Description:    Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS
    Release:        16.04
    Codename:       xenial
  • rolandbirdrolandbird Members, Plex Pass Posts: 36 Plex Pass

    @stedaniels - Yep, got it working eventually as well. Have also followed your instructions and it works. Although I have installed alot of other dependencies as well. I will try on a clean 16.04 build to verify the dependencies.

  • jrelaxjrelax Members, Plex Pass Posts: 6 Plex Pass

    I also got it working eventually. I cleared everything out. Installed the dependencies listed here https://github.com/plexinc/plex-media-player and making sure qt was installed.

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