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[REL] Local Metadata Agent

daeksdaeks Posts: 155Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited March 7 in Plex Channel Plugins

This is a Metadata Agent for adding json based metadata to media content. The idea behind this agent is to be able to store some metadata locally in a file called .plexmetadata to be able to avoid lookups to external sources.

To get this agent working on unmatched media objects like tv shows you need to add this agent to "Personal Media Shows".

Note: As a first implemenation only tv shows are supported as I am unsure how this agent should work with movies. Feedback is welcome on that!

Note #2: It is currently a bit "work in progress". All attributes and posters are currently supported. more to be added soon.

Example .plexmetadata

{ "title" : "Test Series", "originally_available_at" : "1900-01-01", "posters" : [ "C:\\media\shows\Test Series\\poster.jpg" ], "summary": "This is my test summary", "seasons" : { "01" : { "episodes" : { "01" : { "title" : "First Episode", "summary" : "Summary of episode 01" } } } } }

Source: https://github.com/daeks/LocalMetadata-Agent.bundle

See the How do I manually install a channel? support article.


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