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Playstation 3 - Transcoder crashed, failed to start up again

Aleunam_Aleunam_ Posts: 3Members ✭✭


First of all I'd like to say that I'm completely new to these forums. I have browsed a bit in hopes to find my solution, but some said that the issue that's causing my Playstation 3 to quit playing the tv show or movie I'm watching might be different than what has been the case for other Plex users. So therefore I decided to create my own topic.

I use a Playstation 3 to play my tv shows and movies with Plex, I believe the ps3 version is 1.0.x and the server version that's installed on my Windows 10, 64-bit is Version which is the most recent one.

The issue is that whenever I play my files on my ps3, I keep getting the same crash after about five-ten minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less. The message: "Transcoder crashed and failed to start up again" keeps popping up. I am able to resume by simply clicking the play button again only to get that same error again.

What might be causing that? I have no idea what's caused this. I've done nothing to my settings whatsoever.

Logfile has been added to the attachments

Is anyone able to help me out?



  • Aleunam_Aleunam_ Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    The issue is still there. I've deleted the libraries and added them again.
    Even though the issue is occuring less, it's still there. I've also deleted the cache folder that's stored here C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server.

    The issue occured just now, three times during a 40-minute episode of a tv show. The file extension was .mkv.

    Would love to have a solution to this.
    Also, I am using Plex without a pass. I only use Plex inside my own network.

  • Aleunam_Aleunam_ Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    Anyone? I think it's ridiculous that Plex Support does not even reply to anything I've searched for so far, let alone my own topic.

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