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Not Updating Movie Data Base

typiguet@gmail.comtypiguet@gmail.com Validating, Plex Pass Posts: 11 Plex Pass
edited March 8 in Linux

Ok. So I've been running plex for a while now and its been great. Up until now i'm having alittle bit of trouble that I just can't figure out.

Before, my setup was just a older computer that ran ubuntu 16.04 with all my files on a external hard drive. Everything worked fine.

Now, I've upgraded to a much bigger server with all internal hard drives and only use the external drive for my TV Shows. The following is now my issue.
When I first setup the new server everything worked and was found. No permission issues except for FTP access which I fixed.
Now any new movies uploaded since the new server going live doesn't get found. When I upload the plex server detects changes but doesn't add the new movies. When I upload new TV shows to the external drive it detects the changes and adds them to my list. This is really starting to get on my nerves.
Now if I completely delete the movies folder from plex and re-add it guess what it works and finds all the movies including the new ones. But this option isn't something I want to keep doing because of how long it takes to add my data base.

Can someone please help with some advice.



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