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iOS Remote Control intermittent

jordynormjordynorm Validating Posts: 1

I'm not sure when this started occur but it definitely hasn't always been the case. But recently I've noticed that if you control your Plex Media Player with the iOS Plex app the control buttons don't work at all like the arrows and the middle button. Also if you open a TV Show episode via iOS while it's controlling your PMP it works fine but then if you lock your iOS screen and then re-open Plex app about 5 minutes later you see it's still controlling the PMP but the only display on the screen is the controller which doesn't work. So there's no way to pause or adjust volume etc. There are only 2 ways I've been able to get the controls back in this situation:

A) Fully quit the app on iOS, re-open it and re-select the remote player. You then get presented with the correct controls.
B) Use the minimise button on iOS Plex app in the top left which leaves the episode continuing to play but also minimises it on the remote player. You then have to find the same episode and click play on it again which re-opens it and taes it back to the same spot.

Either way it's not working properly and only an issue that has been introduced when Plex Home Theater died.

Running Plex on a server running Ubuntu Server 16.04, latest stable free Plex as of right now and latest iOS app update for Plex app. My iOS device is iPhone 6s and my player is a Mac Mini running Latest Plex Media Player application.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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