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[BUGS] Synced Content

Dennis_HBDennis_HB Posts: 107Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited March 9 in iOS

Hi guys,

I found a some bugs concerning the synchronized content.

Unwatched Counter

If I sync new content, the counter is not consistent as you can see on the screenshot. I have to change the server and reload the content to update this counter.

On deck episodes

If I play synced content, there are no "On Deck" episodes.

This leads to the fact that partly the wrong episode is played. As you can see the first episode is marked as watched. If I click "Play" on episode view, the right episode is played.

If I click "Play" on season view, the first (watched) episode is played

May you can investigate this problem and fix it in a future release

Many Thanks

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