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PMP - Discovery Page never auto updates until you change to another library type then back

dan-the-man-dan-the-man- Members, Plex Pass Posts: 453 Plex Pass
edited March 10 in Plex Media Player


Plex Media Player version: - Win10 - PMS (also on previous versions of PMP)

The main/default PMP discovery page, this never auto updates itself, ie, watch some content on other plex clients then come back to PMP, it never auto updates to reflect this, until you select another library and then go back, then it updates and shows the correct listings for continue watching / on deck

pretty much whenever i look at the discovery page its never correct until i select a library to the right then go back.

example, here is PMP right now and here is Plex Web right now. plex web is correct but PMP is out of date.
(havent watched anything for 4 hours)


heres an example gif showing it.


  • onekmilesbehindonekmilesbehind Members, Plex Pass Posts: 103 Plex Pass

    @dan-the-man- you're definitely not alone. I can't attest to other clients as I primarily watch from my HTPC, but I do frequently edit playlists while inside PMP (ie watch a few movies, switch to the windowed desktop mode, remove the movies from the playlist, then switch back to the TV UI) and the playlist icon does not update until I go into the playlist, then back out of it again.

    Did you see this working in earlier versions of PMP? My gut reaction is that this isn't necessarily a bug, but rather a flaw with PMP in that it doesn't auto-fetch data from the PMS. Especially with a server as agile as PMS, I'd hope PMP would take advantage of that and update the library status on-the-fly, or at least close to it.

    Disclaimer: I still have hope for PMP, yes I know I'm in the minority on the forums, but there has been sequential improvement these last few updates, collections and playlists being some of them.

  • dan-the-man-dan-the-man- Members, Plex Pass Posts: 453 Plex Pass

    I only started using PMP since 2.4.1 so couldnt tell you if versions previous to that did autoupdate the latest info available

    however pages like the Live TV page - do constantly autoupdate within PMP without any user interaction at all, so im not sure why the rest of PMP isnt doing the same - i would sure like it to.

  • Mr ReedMr Reed Members, Plex Pass Posts: 19 Plex Pass

    As far as I can remember, PMP has never auto-updated the discovery page without a library switch. PHT did when you were on library, without switching back and forth.

  • stedanielsstedaniels Members, Plex Pass Posts: 72 Plex Pass

    It would be oh so handy of the web-client source was in a public repo somewhere :-)

    Issue raised, PR, merged, and resolved :-)

    One day, maybe?

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