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[Problem Report][Mi Box] "Convert Automatically" is not working when streaming through the internet

delacosta78delacosta78 Posts: 137Members ✭✭

In third world countries like mine, the upload speed of many internet service providers is limited to 1Mbps, therefore, if I set any internet quality limit in Plex app settings higher than the resolution/bitrate of the video I want to play and hit the cog icon, "convert automatically" appears always selected by default, so the video should be transcoded to match the upload speed, but it's not working.

So I quickly tap on any quality and then switch it back immediately to "convert automatically" to make it work:

Once I do that, the automatic conversion starts as usual:

"Convert Automatically" is very useful when streaming content through the internet, especially when the upload speed of the internet connection where the server is installed is limited. Currently it seems to work only if the resolution/bitrate of the video is higher than the internet quality we choose in settings, different than maximum of course.

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