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Plex Player stuck on Installing...

I have been using Plex Player on Amazon Fire TV for a year+ with no issues. Today, it complained about "Direct Connection Unavailable" to my Plex Media Server. I tried rebooting both the Fire TV and the PC where the server is installed, no improvement. I then tried uninstalling the Plex Player, with the intent of re-installing Plex Player. But that just made things worse. The Plex Player just says "Installing" forever. It never completes the installation. And there is no way to stop the install. Rebooting the Fire TV does nothing. The Fire TV thinks that Plex Player is installed, because there is an Plex icon. But if I select the Plex icon, it again goes to "installing" with the rotating arrow. And I can't uninstall Plex Player because when I go into Manage Apps, it does not show Plex as being one of the installed apps. I would appreciate some advice on how to get Plex Player successfully installed and once again able to connect to my Plex Media Server. Thanks in advance.


  • rwofficerwoffice Posts: 267Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Maybe try clearing the app cache and then rebooting?

  • pathfinder01pathfinder01 Posts: 9Members ✭✭

    Hi rwoffice,

    I cleared both the cache and the app data before uninstalling.

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