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Few harmony sleep and navigation bugs in latest PMP 2.6

machineglowmachineglow Members, Plex Pass Posts: 12 Plex Pass

Hey Guys,

I just did a refresh on my ages old Mac Mini (late 2009) which now runs High Sierra (with the help of a patched installer). I ran into a few issues with OpenPHT and my harmony 650 remote so I thought I'd give PMP a try since it's been a while I ran it.

A few things I noticed right away:

1) There's no way to put the mac mini to sleep. The Power Button IR signal does seem to wake the mac mini but I can't seem to figure out how to but the mac to sleep after I'm done watching. Besides trying to macro exit,exit,back,down,down,down,down,enter (to exit to main menu, open the exit options, and select sleep), is there a better way I'm missing here? also, it doesn't seem to respect the sleep timer in the macOS energy settings, I can set it to 5 minutes and idling for 5 minutes doesn't trigger the system sleep.

2) No page up/down harmony support. would be nice to support that to run through multiple pages of content instead of just holding down right d-pad.

anyways, I'm tempted to switch back to el capitan where I know openPHT + Harmony worked a lot nicer. what do you think guys? maybe I should try stable public version of PMP?



  • machineglowmachineglow Members, Plex Pass Posts: 12 Plex Pass

    Oh wait. I just realized the version I have installed IS is latest public version.

  • machineglowmachineglow Members, Plex Pass Posts: 12 Plex Pass

    Looks like I forgot there was a Sleep IR code that puts the mac mini to sleep. Powering off accomplished! now, just the largeUp and largeDown needs to be supported!

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