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[Feature Request] All Mobile Devices - Plex app should detect screen resolutions for proper playback

delacosta78delacosta78 Posts: 137Members ✭✭
edited March 12 in Android (mobile)

Many people like me use Plex with low powered phones/tablets or with low screen resolutions so the app should work as the Youtube app, where the available qualities depend on the resolution of the screen:

Plex currently shows 1080p - 20 Mbps as the max quality in settings on my phone for "Home Streaming" and "Internet Streaming", but my phone screen resolution is 854 x 480 so if I try to play a video with a quality higher than that, playback is not smooth and I have to manually bring down the quality in settings to 480p - 1.5 Mbps to suit my screen resolution.

Since the idea is to take into account the resolution of the screen for smooth playback then:

For "Home Streaming":

The message of this option should read: "Videos smaller than the screen resolution of your device will be played back in its original quality":

If the option is turned on then everything higher than the resolution screen of the device must be transcoded. If the option is turned off then this is what my phone should display in quality settings, nothing beyond:

For "Internet Streaming":

In conclusion, the idea is to provide a smooth playback by transcoding everything higher than the resolution of the screen by a proper detection of the Plex app depending on the quality settings we choose.

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