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DVR Playback Problems when Streaming on iOS?

AirBeagle1AirBeagle1 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 50 Plex Pass
edited March 12 in iOS

I have PMS running on a Synology DS918+ with tons of RAM and well as an SSD. On my home network (Synology hard wired to Orbi router), attempting to sync DVR'd TV shows and movies to iOS devices can take a long time, or doesn't work at all, but that's a different thread. Almost as frustrating, though, is the ability to stream shows to our iOS handhelds (we have an iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPod Touch in the house) as well as an iPad Pro 12.9" results in TONS of pauses, buffering, etc., even though we have tons of bandwidth and there should be no issue whatsoever for the DS918+ to keep up with any transcoding.

Some settings... on the DS918+ Server, Transcoder Quality is Automatic, Background Transcoding Preset x264 is Faster, Use hardware acceleration is checked. According to all specs, the DS918+ should be easily able to keep up with sending a 720p video to iOS, but it's painful to watch with pauses every two minutes or so. Funny thing is, try and watch the same video in a browser window on my Mac laptop and it seems to work much better.

Movies ripped from DVDs or Blu-Rays work fine on both platforms, however, making me wonder if there's some sort of extra-special hard transcoding PMS is attempting to do to send the DVR'd TV shows to the iOS devices compared to the movies? And if so, is there a way to pre-transcode the DVR'd TV shows and store them in a more efficient format automatically?

Thanks for any hints / advice!


  • AirBeagle1AirBeagle1 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 50 Plex Pass

    Just as a test, I set up my iPhone and iPad to simultaneously stream the same DVR'd TV show through webdav using Infuse... flawless on both devices simultaneously at highest quality. Perhaps a good compromise will be the upcoming Infuse 5.7 update that is supposed to support Plex Media Server. Might be a best of both worlds thing.

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