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Local media won't play in Plex Apps, but remotely it's fine

scoobyjew333scoobyjew333 Posts: 2Members

We've recently seen that any attempts at playing media "locally" (between iOS/Apple TV Plex App and the Media Server - same network/subnet/no firewall etc) fail. The app loads all the dashboards fine, but fails to PLAY. If we're remote it's fine. If we play the media through the web directly from the server, it's fine.

I've just about pulled my hair out tinkering with DNS and network settings, as well as all forms of "quality" controls in the app and on the server.

Any guidance or assistance would be appreciated?!



  • mark.tognazzini@me.commark.tognazzini@me.com Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have the same problem with an old Ipad 2 Locally it starts to load the movie but will not play. Remote access works on the same unit Messages works fine on Ipad mini's and Iphone 7 and above locally


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