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Chapters missing on Roku?

brentilbrentil Posts: 18Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I've been using Plex (which I have Plex Pass) with Roku devices for over a year now. I use the Plex DVR to record OTA shows and then use MCEBuddy to not remove commercials but just make the chapter EDL files. This has worked for me for over a year now with no issue. Here recently (about the same time the RW/FF buttons were changed from 30s skip to the FF/RW interface that I find rather horrible to use as the images are rather small and go by too quickly to actually find useful...) I also lost chapters in the interface. Instead of chapters button I have the Shows in Queue buttons instead in the area it used to be. I checked and the EDL files are still being generated with valid data.

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