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Android Sync Updating Information

WaggersWaggers Posts: 33Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I'm trying to sync my music library to my Galaxy Note 4. There are about 2000 tracks in all.

The sync process gets to the 100% complete mark and then states 'Updating Information'. After a few minutes I get a notification saying 'Unfortunately Plex has Stopped".

I restart the Plex app and it then goes on to sync 500-odd tracks again. It then repeats 'Updating Information' before crashing again.

Can anyone give me (a non-techie) some pointers to help me troubleshoot this? Failing that, is it possible to copy my music library via, say, a USB cable, so it's payable via the Plex app?

The client is and the PMS is running on a Windows 10 PC (i7 CPU, 24 GB Ram).

I've re-installed both the app and the server with no success.


Best Answer


  • giantninjagiantninja Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Been having the same issues trying to sync to my android (galaxy S8+). I've reinstalled and all that other BS, but syncing to mobile hasn't been working.

    So Plex, you're basically cool with this? This is a paid/premium feature, and (in my mind) the only reason to pay for plex (other than it's amazing if you don't factor in these syncing issues). Any input or thoughts on this?

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