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Chromecast ultra jpeg crash

SixFive7SixFive7 Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


When casting photos from plex to my chromecast ultra (gen 3) some photos crash the chromecast app. Once the slide show goes to a bad photo, it just shows a grey background that can only be exited from by restarting the chromecast app.
There is nothing wrong with these photos.
Plex can show these photos perfectly on my mobile, windows app or browser.
The plex installation is new and practically running in a default config on the latest version

In the logs I can find:
ERROR - Streaming Resource: Cannot make a decision because either the file is unplayable or the client provided bad data

Direct Play=3000,App cannot direct play this item. No direct play photo profile exists for jpeg. Transcode=4005,Cannot convert this item. No conversion profile found for protocol http.

But later it gives:
[Chromecast] canPlay: true
[Chromecast] canDirectPlay: true
[Chromecast] [PDE] Player decision
[Chromecast] Player: html
[Chromecast] Protocol: http
[Chromecast] Direct Play: true

What is going wrong? I can't seem to figure it out.
Relevant log parts attached.

Thanks already!

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