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No Remote Access With New Router

GuitarGuy42GuitarGuy42 Posts: 5Members ✭✭

Hey everyone,

Since deployed a new router, I no longer have direct remote access to PMS and the indirect connection is SLOW. I've narrowed it down to the linksys router. If I bypass it and plug the server directly into the cable MODEM, I have direct remote access. This has been ongoing for months and I've gone through all settings including port forwarding, disabling firewall completely for IPv4 and IPv6, toggling UPnP, gone through tons of posts on here, etc. It appears to be an automatic filtering that can't be controlled through the UI. I thought I had it at one point because it started working, but it started blocking 32400 2 days later on its own. Unfortunately, the router doesn't support DDwRT, so that's not an option. I'm going to contact linksys support, but I don't expect anything to come from that (I'm sure they'll just say to try things I've already done like 400 times). Can yall name some dual-band routers that you've seen allow direct connections? Thanks in advance.


  • nokdimnokdim Posts: 1,375Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, TunerTester Plex Ninja

    I've used Linksys with success.

    Can you post shots of your router port forwarding and Plex remote access?

  • leguelpleguelp Posts: 70Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited March 13

    I have found that remote access in my setup was "finicky" (sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't...on its own...without changing anything on my end) until I specified which DNS servers my PMS connects to (rather than using the ones assigned by my ISP). I now use Google Public DNS's (iPv4 Primary DNS, iPv4 Secondary DNS Ever since I have used these settings for my PMS, I have not had any remote connections issues.
    Although DNS server settings can be changed at your home network/router level (if you'd like all the computers and devices that connect to the internet via that router to also use the new DNS servers ), I chose to only specify the new DNS servers (e.g. Google Public DNS) at the device level (i.e. my PMS).

    I hope this helps.

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