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Can you stream 4K movies from my 2012 macbook pro to ps4 pro?

jordankelly1994jordankelly1994 Posts: 2Members

Hi guys, im new to plex. I have virgin media vivid 200mb internet speed with my upload around 12.5mbps . However everything in 4k is buffering on the PS4 Pro. I think it could possibly be a cpu issue causing the buffering? When i check the activity monitor plex is putting out over 300%. When i checked the transcoder texts from memory i believe they were 0.6. Is this going to be a cpu issue with the only presumable option is to upgrade my computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would be an exceptional service if it would work.

Best Answer


  • jordankelly1994jordankelly1994 Posts: 2Members

    Thanks Tyler. I have now been running plex on my android tv and it works perfectly. My internet connection believe it or not had been unplugged at the source, the engineer said it was unbelievable to even be working still. So i presume now the internet is fixed everything is working fine. Cheers.

  • tyler121208tyler121208 Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Sometimes it's the silliest of things! Glad it's all working so far.

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