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Movie Poster Import Question

bjhillebjhille Posts: 6Members ✭✭

I used a program called VIMediaManager to create my nfo files, download posterart etc. I wanted this to import into plex (using XBMCnfoMoviesImporter), but also so I could use these files on my Kodi installation. I copied the movie into my movie folder as such:
----------RED (2010)
--------------------RED (2010).m4v
--------------------RED (2010).nfo
--------------------RED (2010)-poster.jpg
--------------------RED (2010)-fanart.jpg
--------------------RED (2010)-banner.jpg
--------------------logo.png, landscape.jpg, disc.png, clearart.png, then some additional folders

If I click on the pencil, I noticed there was no clip art there. I looked at the actual RED (2010)-poster.jpg file and it was blank. So, I downloaded one myself from IMDB and replaced the RED (2010)-poster.jpg file with the one from IMDB. I can view view the poster on my desktop. I tried several methods to force a re-import (refresh metadata, scan new media, etc). I even went as far as deleting the library and starting over, but those same 12 movies (out of over 800 imported in this fashon) didn't have the poster imported. So, I manually edited it Plex, manually told it where the file was, and now it's there. If I delete the library (I did because my collections where't right and I couldn't figure out how else to resolve other than to start over) and recreate, those posters still aren't there on those 12 movies. If I click on the pencil, it's there now just not selected. I can't tell if it's reimporting the poster file or if it's still there from when I manually added it. How can I figure out why those 12 won't import like the other 800?

Are there more databases need to clear if I have to start the library over? I really don't want to sift through every movie each time if I'm doing something dumb for these 12. :)

I did post in the scrapper forum as well, but I haven't had any responses so I'm hoping maybe it's not with the importer, but with plex???

I appreciate any words of advice. I'm at a lose.



  • maiademaiade Posts: 66Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    It may well be a plex caching problem, you need to clear the cache (bundles) of the blank posters.

    1. move all files for the affected films out of 'sight' of Plex
    2. do a Scan Library Files in the web app (not 'Refresh all metadata') to make plex notice the files aren't there anymore
    3. Empty Trash
    4. "Clean Bundles" steps 3 and 4 make plex forget the problem files
    5. double check naming schema and move files back
    6. Scan Library Files again

    With luck this should cure the problem. Best to make really sure your local files are good before doing scan files.

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