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Use my old mining rig AMD motherboard from 2013 or buy all new?

SquirreljesterSquirreljester Members, Plex Pass Posts: 21 Plex Pass

I have the number of friends using my Plex server on my desktop and it's spiking my cpu to 100% with multiple streams being transcoded at once. I've tweaked as much as I can, and ultimately I've come to the conclusion that I need a better system.

My current system:
CPU - Intel I7-860 (non-overclocked)
MB - P7P55D-E
Mem - 16GB DDR3 1333 (4 4gb chips)

My old crypto mining rig:
CPU - AMD Sempron 145 Processor (obviously replacing)
MB - GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3P (rev. 1.0) AM3+/AM3 AMD
Mem - 16GB DDR3 1333 (4 4gb chips)

I originally thought I would have to buy all new, but I'm wondering if I could utilize the Gigabyte motherboard I have that I've already got 16gb of ram installed on. The highest CPU I can put in it is an AMD FX-8370 Eight-Core CPU, but doing a comparison it doesn't look all that much better (passmark on my 870 is 5,027 and the 8370 is 9,020). I don't know if Plex uses multiple cores, I'm actually not so sure it does because the Taskmanger performance CPU readout shows the exact same load spikes across all of my cores, but I could be wrong too.

The CPU comparison:

Would it be worth it to go this route, or pick up something like last year's best motherboard/cpu combo (intel or AMD), and have to buy memory too. I'm running the system headless, it will be a dedicated Plex server, and I'd like to optimize it for multiple streams and transcoding. Also I'll be running Windows 10, as I'll be moving my current Plex databases over to the new system, and I read that going from Windows to Linux isn't very user friendly.

I would appreciate any input, and thank you ahead of time.


  • SquirreljesterSquirreljester Members, Plex Pass Posts: 21 Plex Pass

    Also, would getting a midrange video card and turning on hardware acceleration help? Or should I just concentrate on raw cpu power?

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