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I can not browse my plex files through my SONOS app ???!!!

Hi all
Since a few days I am not able anymore to connect to my plex account through the Sonos application : It has become impossible to browse my plex files through the Sonos application. Sonos answered me through a forum that Plex had interrupted its service on Sonos...Can you tell me a little more about it ???
I have been using plex for a while now and did not changed anything to my configuration so I hope you'll let me know about this issue.



  • andycarverandycarver Posts: 63Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Remove and re add the Plex
    Music service through the Sonos app. It has had some major back end changes.

  • johnclaytonjohnclayton Plex-ifier of Smart Speakers Montana, USAPosts: 17Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee

    Ahoy! We've identified a bug that is preventing helpful error messages from getting through to the Sonos client, but in the meantime looking at the logs it looks like we are not able to find a PMS to connect to. Please check out my comment on another thread about the connection issues. From the error you're hitting I'd guess you don't have any PMS instances at version 1.10 or newer?

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