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Only able to stream a few movies on Samsung BluRay-Player

Pustekuchen5Pustekuchen5 Posts: 2Members

Hi, I have a problem with streaming on the Samsung BD-J5500 BluRay-Player.

My server is located on my NAS (Qnap) at home. I've "installed" Plex on two (further away) Blu-Ray Players via this unofficial solution: http://mattpilz.com/how-to-unofficially-install-the-plex-app-on-opera-tv-if-its-not-available/ - both Samsung with Vewd-Store installed. Both are able to stream certain movies or episodes but some wont load. I assume this only happens with higher quality videos (1080p) or rather big files, but I'm not sure.
It perfectly works with a PS3 which also streams over the internet, so it may be possible that its just a connectivity problem since the PS3 has a 100Mbit line and the two Players just 50MBit.

Did anyone ever have similar problems?
(PS: sorry for bad english)

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