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photo upload not working at all

song85129song85129 Posts: 4Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited April 12 in iOS

I have been trying with photo upload on my iphone 7. However, it didn't work at all.I choose to create a new library "test" for the uploaded photos, the album is None, upload auto No, include icloud yes, use cellular data No. Then when I toggle the camera upload switch a ready to upload notification come with upload now button. I press the button, the word change from ready to upload to uploading and back to ready to upload immediately.

I can see that the library "test" has been created successfully, but no photo has been uploaded. Please help me

I checked that log:
2018/04/12 14:31:13.899 (135 MB) (1252539) ➖ PMKCameraUploadEngine.m:1428 | Fetching asset 1 out of 7554
2018/04/12 14:31:13.972 (135 MB) (1252539) ➖ PMKCameraUploadEngine.m:1791 | Created data transfer task to check for 1946-06-16 01.37.41.mp4
2018/04/12 14:31:14.041 (135 MB) (1252920) ➖ PMKCameraUploadEngine.m:1293 | Beginning background task.
2018/04/12 14:31:14.042 (135 MB) (1252920) ➖ PMKCameraUploadEngine.m:2668 | Something went wrong. Starting process over.
2018/04/12 14:31:14.042 (135 MB) (1253058) ➖ PMKCameraUploadEngine.m:1929 | No more tasks, all done.
2018/04/12 14:31:14.043 (135 MB) (1253058) ➖ PMKCameraUploadEngine.m:1960 | Upload ended.


  • oscar.calvooscar.calvo Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Suffering from the same.

    I have a backlog 3000 pictures to upload.

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