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LG TV will not show PLEX Server

Not allot of info on the TV other than my Grandad just bought it and downloaded the PLEX app.
I've shared my server (Win10/Version with him but his TV can't connect to my library.
Looks like an LG issue as he signed in with my account to test it and it didn't work either.



  • FordGuy61FordGuy61 Posts: 389Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Grandad is remote, correct?

    Do you have remote access working for other devices?

    If so, can he connect using another device - pc, smartphone, tablet, etc at his location?

    Once remote access is working correctly, then check out the LG TV settings.

    What does he see when using the Plex app? Can he see the server? Does it show available?

    LG Plex app does not support secure connections. In PMS Server -> Network, Secure Connections must be Preferred or Disabled.

    If your PMS server is set to Secure Connections = Required, the LG app can still authenticate / login to the Plex servers (plex.tv, not your PMS server). However, the TV will show your server as unavailable.

    Is the TV listed under Devices? If so, what version of the client?

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