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[HELP] .m2ts files playing Apple TV (4th gen, latest OS) - have only sound but black screen

Cool1437Cool1437 Posts: 3Members ✭✭

Hi all,

I have a bunch of home video files from a Sony HD cam that gives me .m2ts. These files when I play them through the plex on IE/Chrome it plays fine with both video and sound. These same files also play perfectly when viewing through plex ios app on iPhone/iPads. However, when I try to play the same files on Apple TV 4 with Plex app, I only can hear sound with black screen. The thumbnails shows fine on Apple TV, so I don't know why its doing that.

Could this be a Plex setting on Apple TV or a setting on my PC 's plex server ??

If anyone have tips/suggestions, please kindly let me know. Thank you !


  • Cool1437Cool1437 Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    oops I figured it out. I managed to adjust the HOME STREAMING quality from MAX to 20mb did the trick. But I wonder what MAX means in number terms.

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