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Frame-stutter when playing h.265 files

eraser2727eraser2727 Posts: 7Members ✭✭

I wonder if anybody also has this problem:

Whenever I play HEVC files on ATV4 (tvos 11.3; latest Plex server and app) there is some kind of stutter in the movie, which happens regularly every 8-10 seconds. When that happens a frame of the movie is displayed twice, so basically the video stops for a fraction of a second. Very irritating!

This happens only with h.265 files via direct play, choose a conversion option and it is gone.
It happens in both 24hz and 60hz output mode (the source is a movie @23.976 fps).
It happens only in Plex, the same file in Infuse 5 plays perfectly.
It also happens in the Plex iOS App on my iPhone7.

Can anybody replicate this error?
You can spot it best when the end credits are rolling.


  • jeremymcloafjeremymcloaf Posts: 2Members

    I'm seeing this as well with HEVC videos. The video hangs for just a few frames and then jumps forward to catch up. Audio continues playing fine. The same video file plays fine on computers and iOS devices, and plays fine on the Apple TV via the "Computers" app playing from my PC, so I know the Apple TV is able to play it correctly.

    Setup: Apple TV 4k (v11.3), Plex app (v1.26), Plex server (v1.12.2.4929), Gig ethernet connection.

    Plex server reports that it is "converting", but both audio and video are "Direct Stream".

  • dragonmeldragonmel Posts: 692Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Can confirm the same on appletv 4 not 4k

    HEVC that played fine and encoded properly with handbrake nightly in m4v containers seem to sometimes struggle more than before the tvOS update on frame mataching.

    Thoughts are that they sometimes get out of sync usually closing plex player and reopening works. Sometimes a restart of appletv clears it up

  • GreyAreaUKGreyAreaUK Posts: 61Members ✭✭
    edited April 20

    Can confirm I'm seeing this as well. Videos have been encoded with the nightly build of Handbrake and _used _to work fine, without this occasional 'hitching'.

    Plex server reports that it is "converting", but both audio and video are "Direct Stream".


  • Nik3shNik3sh Posts: 115Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited April 20

    Me too, stutter with 4K MKV HEVC direct stream

  • dragonmeldragonmel Posts: 692Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    How many are with mkv vs m4v containers...?

    I use the ‘apple’ Format of m4v, foreign subs burned in, an the 2 audio tracks of 2 chan aac and 5.1 ac3.. so fully Apple TV compatible

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