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Size Of screen

Michael BradfordMichael Bradford Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


Can anyone help me about the size of the Screen for my Plex App?

i and trying to view it on a Playstation 3 and the setting for the playstation are all ok and have never had any issue with the screen until this app.

in the photos you can see the home screen of the playstation is all ok but when going into the Plex app the screen shrinks and then is distorted.

if anyone can please help me out that would be great.



  • androvskyandrovsky Posts: 43Members ✭✭

    To me, the home screen looks a bit off too, like you're using composite cables to hook up to the TV (the kind that probably came with the PS3). I don't remember the status box taking up that much room. It might explain the problem with Plex too, iirc they have a bug with SD resolution.

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