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Subtitle color

zamanazamana Members, Plex Pass Posts: 34 Plex Pass


In the player for Samsung TVs (latest version), there is the option to change the font's size.

How difficult would be to implement the option to change the font's color?

This option still exists in Plex Home Theather (through RasPlex).



  • eduytitoeduytito Members Posts: 20 ✭✭

    I hope this please! Fix the App 3.3.3 and update with this config removed please!

    All need:

    Change colours subtitles (gray, yellow, white, etc)
    Change fonts size with pixels numbers
    Change fonts tipe (arial, comicsSand, etc)
    Change position subtitules with pixels numbers

    I hope all this options in the new update of the App Plex for tv Samsung with Tizen 3.0

  • pancelzolipancelzoli Members Posts: 2

    Reduced subtitles settings in Plex 3.3.4 verison for Samsug TV

    I've just bought a new Samsung UHD Smart TV and I realized that the it has a completely new Plex app installed. First I was happy, but soon I realized has less settings and became the opposite of user friendly. Don't get me wrong, the UI is nice and clean, but we need those extra settings for subtitles. I know American people does not use subtitles but European people use it all the time. The white text is killing my eyes and a difference between large and huge text is ridiculous.

    **All we need as @eduytito sad in the forum:
    Change colors subtitles (grey)
    Change fonts size with pixels numbers
    Change position subtitles with pixels numbers

    • Maybe shadow is need, but not high priority.

    Thanks for the understand and I hope you bring back this function soon.

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