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Plex 0.1.4 update has caused bootlooping on LibreELEC (RasPi)

azza1968azza1968 Posts: 2Members

G'day folks,

as the subject line says:
the Plex 0.1.4 update has caused bootlooping on LibreELEC (RasPi3).

I've replicated this on 3 installations using Raspi's 2B and 2B... and it seems that 0.1.4 is not to be... (bard joke, sorry)

Two of the installs were fresh/clean, and the last was with Plex as the only addon.

Manually deleting the addon database file from the OS SDcard was the only way to resolve the bootloop. (Thus breaking the addon so, sadly, no Plex on my pi for now.)

The bootloop would never make it past the LibreELEC and the Kodi flash screens.

1.) Is anyone else having this issue?
2.) Have a workaround?
3.) Know where I can get a copy of 0.1.3, for manual installation, in the interim?

Plex 0.1.3 was working wonderfully, and is sorely missed.


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