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User Alias

PahiroPahiro Posts: 17Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited May 9 in Plex Web App

EDIT: Feature has been requested: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/128802/alias-instead-of-plex-tv-usernames/p1#top

Out of curiosity, is this something that's on the to-do list? Was just looking at my select user page and added the following to CSS and user-switch-page for fun;

.user-select-list-item>a:hover .alias{

.user-select-list-item .alias {

<div class="username" style="display: none;">Pahiro</div>
<div class="alias">Full Name</div>

Assume a database field will be required and some JS to retrieve the data. I've dug around a bit and saw there were a couple of threads created for this request since 2014 but none of them have any real response. It's such a small thing but would seriously improve the home server experience.

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