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Can not run Web App on Mac OS X: "Safari can not find server"

gkoalagkoala Posts: 4Members ✭✭


I have a Plex server running on my Synology NAS, all communication settings have default values, i.e. it's listening on port 32400, HTTP protocol. From all my devices, i.e. Windows 10, Android, I can access the server under:


in my local network. But from my Macbook, this works only in very rare cases. Almost always, I just get "Safari can't find this server". However, I can access my NAS under http://:5000 at the same time, so is indeed resolved.

It's not just Safari, when I use Firefox on my Macbook, it doesn't find the server either.

I'm lost as to what might be wrong here. Have searched the Web for similar issues, found a few, but no solution. Does anyone have a clue as to what's missing here? Would be great...



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