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Plex IP routing destination

fcois93fcois93 Posts: 3Members ✭✭

I have 2 gateways in my network, then I have to route to the right gateway to access the plex authentication servers, to be sure that the direct access is correctly configured.
you know the plex IP subnet please?


  • brimurbrimur Posts: 59Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited May 16

    Are you trying to run Plex behind a VPN? If so that is troublesome but possible, do a google search for it, there are many articles

  • fcois93fcois93 Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    I connect through a LTE network, then private network.
    To be able to control a port translation from a public IP I do a reverse ssh tunnel.
    Then I can access my plex from a public address.
    But to trafic from my server to plex server doesn't use the route from the public address. then I have to know the plex IP destinations to route it through the same public address.
    When I don't use the same public address, plex saw my direct like goes through my LTE access, but I can't modify the NAT/PAT, it is a provider backbone router.

  • fcois93fcois93 Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    I will do that solution:
    1. "tun SSH tunnel" to my public IP (ssh server). Then I will be able to Route it
    2. Route flex.tv to my ssh server through my SSH Tunnel (tun interface)

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