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Plex Script Host hogging CPU

SystemSystem Posts: 284 Plex Employee
This discussion was created from comments split from: Plex Script Host is hogging my CPU which makes transcoding lag and buffer.


  • dlb1742dlb1742 Posts: 2Members

    I have this same issue but on windows. plexscripthost is using 25% cpu constantly. I am running and I5 6500 with the latest version of windows 10. I can stop the process with task manager, but it comes back after restart. I tried uninstalling and I deleted the metadata folder as well and the process persists.

  • mrostas93mrostas93 Posts: 1Members

    Gonna chime in and add that this is occurring to me as well. Windows 8.1, 15-20% cpu usage at all times. If I restart the server, there is no cpu usage for awhile (indeterminate, possibly 1-3 hours) until it eventually comes back again.

    At this point I'm almost convinced plex is using my cpu to fold proteins or mine crypto or something. This is ridiculous.

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