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Plex on FreeNAS with Jet Pack Hotspot

kirkdickinsonkirkdickinson Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Where I have been living, I have decent internet service connected to a wifi/router. I have a FreeNAS box that is running PLEX with a Plex Pass and have several accounts set up. I am moving to a new house with no wired internet available. I have a Jet Pack hot spot, but the problem with that is how to connect it and build a network.

I know some of the pre-built Plex systems have networking built in, but this FreeNAS is a workhorse with Quad Xeon and 16GB of RAM. It can fully transcode 4 streams at a time If I need it to. If the FreeNAS box could

I don't think that the Jet Pack will work as a real router so I probably need to have an actual router set up. What I don't know how to do is get it all set up and working. Ideally, I think I need a wifi bridge to connect the Jet Pack to a real wifi router where I can plug in the FreeNAS box, Apple TV, Vizio TV, etc...

Any ideas would be helpful.


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