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Plex not starting up on boot - TrueOS - Free BSD 12.0, PlexMediaServer-

gautamdasgautamdas Members Posts: 3

I have tried the following without success-

  • Added a file /etc/local.d/plexmediaserver.start
    Contents of plexmediaserver.start is
    root@TrueOS:/etc/local.d # cat plexmediaserver.start


cd /usr/local/share/plexmediaserver && ./start.sh &

And in /etc/rc.conf added

I can run /etc/local.d/plexmediaserver.start manually and plex services start up.

I have tested stopping and starting the local service and it is able to stop/start the samba services but not plex.

Can someone tell me what I am missing.



  • mikec_ptmikec_pt Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 602 Plex Employee

    I would suggest looking into the FreeBSD port rc.d scrip version and mimic the behaviour, thats probably the best way to get it to work.

  • gautamdasgautamdas Members Posts: 3

    I rolled back to plexmediaserver- which is packaged correctly for FreeBSD.
    Now I can start/stop plex using the proper "service plexmediaserver start/stop/status" commands.
    However the service still refuses to start on boot. I will need to do more debugging. Seems like a TrueOS issue. I am certain it works fine on FreeBSD.

  • gautamdasgautamdas Members Posts: 3

    Today pc-updatemanager ran and after reboot all is well. plexmediaserver is starting up on boot, Yay....

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