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Is a Release of PlexVR Planned for the Oculus Rift / HTC Vive?

bzowkbzowk Members, Plex Pass Posts: 46 Plex Pass

Hey Guys -

A few months ago, I invested in an Oculus Rift - before the touch controllers even came out - and now have quite a setup with 3 sensors and absolutely love it! I own many titles yet there is a single one I search for frequently - to the point I have a web monitor watch PlexVR updates.- PlexVR for the Oculus Rift.

As of recently, PlexVR now obviously supports Oculus Go, so am hoping that development will continue to expand and that it will appear in the Oculus Store, on Steam, or even Plex's website in the near future. For those planning to get one of these two headsets, even though the Rift is also made by Oculus, the Go and Rift use completely different software catalogs which are not compatible with one another. However, most of the same versions of applications can both be used for Rift and Vive as their hardware is similar.

So...overall; will Plex VR ever be released for Oculus Rift / HTC Vive? If so, is there an estimated timeline or any other information which can be shared? In the past, I've added comments / votes to older posts similar to this in this forum, but this time wanted to make a new post to hopefully get some kind of information.

Hoping for good news - Thank You!!

I did try Plevr in the past which is something that seems similar to PlexVR for the Rift/Vive and was created by a 3rd party over a year ago, but it didn't work for me. I was able to launch it and explore the environment, but it wasn't capable of loading libraries hosted on my local PMS (think my libraries were too large) so I couldn't play anything back. Either way, Plevr hasn't been updated for over a year and the general consensus is that the developer has abandoned it so it's not an option. Thanks!


  • jdbowerjdbower Members, Plex Pass Posts: 277 Plex Pass

    Plex never announces their roadmap, too many people take it for a legally-binding contract. That said, I'd be surprised if it wasn't under development, but since it's fundamentally very different from the other Plex VR platforms they've released I wouldn't speculate as to how long it will take.

  • fbc21cafbc21ca Members, Plex Pass Posts: 29 Plex Pass

    I have an Oculus Rift, an HTC Vive, a smokin Acer Predator laptop and an iMac Pro. I also have three cardboard-style viewers for my iPhone 6s+. And I still can't get Plex VR. Hoping it will show up on Steam some day... (sigh)

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