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Welcome to the Polski User forums

iordoneziordonez Mayor of PlexvillePosts: 2,293Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
Welcome to the Polski User forums! These forums will facilitate the discussion of Plex in all languages so that all users can enjoy our software. The Plex team will not be able to answer questions in all languages. Some bi-lingual moderators and users will hopefully be able to bridge the gap for users who need help.

If you are a bilingual user, we'd like to request a little assistance from you:

1. Check the forums in your languages to help other users there. If no one can answer the question, consider translating it to the main forum groups and adding a link.

2. Wiki Translations are needed! If you would like to help translate some of our wiki pages into another language, please send me a PM!

3. Translate this post! It's kind of silly to post an English post into a foreign language forum! (When you do translate remove this item)

4. Also translate the phrase "Discussions of Plex in Polski"

Many thanks,

The Plex Team
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