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Audio transcodes on £80 Streaming stick + but direct plays on £30 Raspberry Pi?

rivageezarivageeza Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3

This has been bugging for for awhile... I bought the Roku Streaming Stick + so I could do more than just use plex which I used on the Raspberry Pi (running rasplex)

Unfortunately I don't have surround sound so both just hook up to my TV (stereo) via HDMI.

My movies are encoded with either DTS or DTS-HD audio, and with the more expensive all singing all dancing Roku, it trancodes the audio to AAC, presumably 2 channel stereo audio.

Where as the cheap and chearful Raspberry Pi direct plays the audio. Both sound the same to me coming out the TV, I just wondered what the Pi is doing to achieve this that the Roku can't?

I have all the boxes ticked to allow direct play etc, and if I force it there's no audio on the Roku.

If you need anything specific answer please ask, it's bugging me and I'm just wondering if it's a limitation of the Roku's hardware, but if it is what is it? It's nearly 3 times the price of my Pi and I really hoped to be able to fully direct play all my files just like I did with the Pi.

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