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4K HDR on Apple TV

neocleousneocleous Members, Plex Pass Posts: 18 Plex Pass

Hi Everyone,

I've seen this question asked but it seems to be a work in progress so I am a little confused what the current state of play is.

I've just bought a 4K HDR TV and obviously I want to use Plex to consume my content because it is the best!

Can you stream 4K HDR Remuxed MKV rips to an Apple TV? I know the apple TV won't natively play MKV files so can it transcode it to an MP4 container on the fly?



  • nigelpbnigelpb Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1,159 Plex Pass

    The Plex client never transcodes. The Plex server does the transcoding. If the Plex client can Direct Play the particular media there will be no transcoding.

  • neocleousneocleous Members, Plex Pass Posts: 18 Plex Pass

    Thanks for the response and that was my question exactly, will Plex transcode the file into a format the Apple TV can play without losing quality and HDR meta data.

  • Jecht SinJecht Sin Members Posts: 118 ✭✭

    Yes, it should transcode from mkv to mp4. But if an audio or video format isn't supported by tvOS it may convert or break the transcoder.

  • neocleousneocleous Members, Plex Pass Posts: 18 Plex Pass

    Does it maintain the HDR info? I tried to use it with my PC which has HDMI 2 on it, I turned HDR on Windows 10 and my TV didn’t pickup the HDR signal the way it does with its built in video app.

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