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Future of the Plex on the Samsung J Series and Earlier

bridjeebridjee Members, Plex Pass Posts: 97 Plex Pass

I was wondering if these client was going to be picked up by Plex now to continue the good work that @Orca has done @elan or @mattseeley can you give us any views?
The J series also runs Tizen so is there a view that Plex could run the 2016+ app on those TV's. Samsung has told me that it would work and happy to work with Plex. (I have a name if you DM me)


  • digitalfixerdigitalfixer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 78 Plex Pass

    I'm not sure letting Plex programmers loose on Orca's code would be a good idea.

  • bridjeebridjee Members, Plex Pass Posts: 97 Plex Pass

    Good point, maybe an alternate app?

  • digitalfixerdigitalfixer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 78 Plex Pass

    Which would probably be as buggy as all the other clients they released.

  • rgadawgrgadawg Members, Plex Pass Posts: 87 Plex Pass

    Does this mean Orca has discontinued this excellent work? I have an older Samsung e-series 40" Slim Smart LED-TV (2012) and Plex would be useless to me with his app. My TV Plex app is 2.011 PMS version I am fine if this app never updates but continues to work with my PMS. I just don't want the TV app to stop working. Any thoughts ? Thanks.

  • bridjeebridjee Members, Plex Pass Posts: 97 Plex Pass

    Yes, unfortunately due to health reasons. I have a personal response from the dev team that I will respond to tonight and ask them to update the thread.

  • Brad_SBrad_S Members, Plex Pass Posts: 224 Plex Pass

    Well someone needs to keep supporting this app. I have a 2015 3D model and as the industry has stopped making 3D TVs, I am really needy for Plex to maintain the application. Currently, I have logged a discussion on a bug (playlist random play always plays fist movie first). I'm not much on updating a working app unless there is a feature I desire, but in this specific case, the code is the last public release on Samsung's app site.

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  • bridjeebridjee Members, Plex Pass Posts: 97 Plex Pass
    edited June 15

    I got a response last week from @mattseeley and it wasn't too promising. This was after I added @elan to the thread to make him aware also. I am in the same boat and have a curved TV which is no longer produced which is also awesome. There continues to be suggestions to buy other products to make it work however my views are that Plex shouldn't rely on third party products to make it work, especially when the functions for music are now under-performing standard QNAP and Samsung apps.

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