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remote access issue

sertl13sertl13 Members Posts: 2

What the heck is going on with remote access lately, especially since the latest update??
I have been unable to connect remote access for several weeks now...
Typically, when I install a Plex update, I almost always have an issue initially, but have been able to troubleshoot by signing out > reclaiming the server > disable/reenable remote access... occasionally a computer restart helps or it just syncs to the server in time. Unfortunately, NONE of these resolutions have worked with this recent update.

I've ensured I do NOT have double-NAT setup (Xfinity Cisco modem in bridge mode; Airport Extreme Router in DCHP & NAT).
I've also tried ticking the "Manually specify public port" box (32400) to no avail as well.

Please help -- I will provide any pertinent info to help resolve.

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