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New house, don’t want sky,virgin etc help needed

MattcevansMattcevans Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1

Hi All

I haven’t seen this request via my many reads on this forum so hoping I’m not repeating and already existing answer.

I’m moving into a new house. I want to setup plex as my main source with the ability of using an old MacBook Pro 2013 age. Spec is pretty good. I want to be able to access all my media but also have the ability to record live tv etc to my Mac.

So my question is. How do I set up my MacBook Pro solely as a server which can be permanently switched on and then a) have my media accessible from any device b) using the storage to be able to record live tv, hopefully more ham one channel at a time.

I’m not hugely IT literate but capable of following directions. What’s steps (please detail this) do I take to convert MBP to a server, (Ubuntu???) and then being able to access everything in my tv but also being able to record live tv or channels not being watched into the machine or external hard drive

If it’s not possible how can I do this.

Hope someone can help

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