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anyone succeeded imac PMS with library data on TIME CAPSULE?

mcfragamcfraga Members Posts: 11 ✭✭

I have been looking for suggestions, but no luck for now.

I always have my iMac (2012) turned on, as it is the server for my ATV 4th generation, and my 2 samsung smart TVs.
As library keeps growing, i would like to move the movies and series to my Time Capsule internal drive, and be able to stream it from there. All my systems are ethernet wired, except the small bedroom samsung tv, over wifi.

tried to make some folders on TC, populate them with some MOVIES and Tv Shows folders, added them on PLEX SERVER as TC MOVIES and TC SERIES, but no luck when trying to read them.

Quite sure it has something to do with permisions, users and so on, but i get no clue where i should star tinkeling.

Any help would be so gratefull. I guess someone else sure has tried something like this, but seems didnt share any clues how to do it.

thanks in advance!

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